from Family Snapshot as a Poem in Time

First I had a vision, then I had a life.

The daffodils came in spring. Did they ever sing?

The winter was a time to hone. I am no longer alone.

Did the summer stretch out endlessly? Did the fall entangle me?

Poetry Portfolio: A Sampler

Punk Rock Song (first published in Smartish Pace)

Ghost Villa (first published in Chest Journal)

Dirge (first published in the manhattanville review)

Lost Expedition in Antarctica (first published in The Hollins Critic)

Winter Sonnets (from Seasons of Flowers and Dust, Goose River 2007)

Wanderer’s Night Song & Another, two lyrics by Goethe (a translation with Jay Dee, first published in The Broadkill Review)

A sampler from Poems Against War: A Journal of Poetry and Action (2003-2010) (G. H. Mosson, editor) (the journal is archived at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Special Collections Dept.)