Check Out Main Street Rag & Press

Thanks to Main Street Rag for bringing out “A Veteran’s Nebraska” and “Tipsy Bozo Before the After Party,” two poems I really like and which found their final form with you in the current Winter 2022 issue.

Based in North Carolina, I remember Main Street Rag, the press and magazine, as a friend to the small press community for years and at least over a decade. Right now, I also am happily reading Yehoshua November’s book of poems, God’s Optimism, from Main Street Rag books.

While I am in the middle of God’s Optimism and cannot sum it up, November’s book is as strong as the individual poems of his I’ve seen in journals from time to time. When November mixes his emotionally resonate philosophical explorations with a well-wrought picture of how it’s interwoven into his daily life, these longer poems so far are my favorites.

A religious Jewish author, it also is refreshing to see poetry depicting everyday life where spirituality does not occur on some specific day or at some specific turn of events, but as part of the atmosphere of life.

You can find God’s Optimism here at this small press book store (link).

Main Street Rag, the mag, is linked here.

G. H. Mosson