‘Family Snapshot’: Thumbs Up from Midwest Book Review

D. Donovan of the Midwest Book Review calls my last solo collection, “Family Snapshot as a Poem in Time,” “a poetry collection the entire family can enjoy.”

Ms. Donovan writes: “It’s unusual to see a poetry collection that can appeal across generations, but Family Snapshot as a Poem in Time is such a production. It thus is recommended not just for the usual poetry collection and reader, but for anyone who would absorb reflections on self, family, and the interconnectedness of life, at any age.

The chapbook, out from Finishing Line Press in 2019, offers contemporary adult poems followed by a section of children’s poems. It also received praise from the Loch Raven Review and Kirkus Review. This Nov. 2021 review can be found below. Grateful for insightful readers.

Direct Link: http://donovansliteraryservices.com/november-2021-issue.html#fsa

Midwest Book Review: http://www.midwestbookreview.com/mbw/nov_21.htm#dianedonovan