Tale of a Haiku

I am excited to have a haiku coming out in the heartfelt and hilarious online literary journal on Twitter, called the Lickety Split, linked here. It’s at @olicketysplit on Twitter.

Edited by the wonderful poet Chen Chen, the journal’s title and my desire to alliterate tempted me to seek more “H” words, but instead, let me say the journal features poems that fit in a tweet, including spacing.

The haiku in question, “Gloria’s Dive,” is about fifteen to seventeen years old, based on my recollection, but without looking for its first appearance in some dusty, saved journal. It did not have that title until recently. In fact, the poem was not complete – until that title framed it, so to speak, so the poem could speak.

The poem features a character. Like some other character poems, it is important to know your character. What a odd concept, and yet, true.

In this case, the name Gloria occurred to me relatively recently but not in regard to this poem, but another, and it was asserted into that poem, and then pulled out again, as wrong. Call that a year. Then, it floated around in the empty warehouse area of the creative mind until this poem was in submission to this journal, and lickety spit!, it found itself.

The adventure of writing is certainly an adventure. I believe the haiku comes out in November. November 2022, and then, Gloria can be met.

G. H. Mosson