What I’m Reading: Keep Moving by Maggie Smith

Ohio poet Maggie Smith’s 2020 book of sayings has been a refreshing and inspirational and cheering-on ride. Smith’s series of positive thinking slogans, so to speak, arose from her own divorce situation, some of the book end explanations state, and it shows up in these personal vignettes sprinkled throughout.

I cannot say I was as taken with the short confessional reflects as Smith’s concise wise coins of words. I enjoyed reading evocations. For instance, she says:

“It is not your job to make other people comfortable with who you are. Be wary of those who do not want you to change or grow. Grow anyway–there is no alternative.”

Keep Moving

Maggie Smith

Simon Schuster 2020

As the poet says throughout, be compassionate toward yourself and others, and “keep moving.”


G. H. Mosson