What I’m Watching: Aniara

I just finished the Swedish deep space thriller, Aniara, about two weeks ago, such tasty food for the imaginative heart.

I say I’ve just finished it because I just cannot return my copy to the library of this fascinating futuristic tale just yet. Based on a classic Swedish novel of the same name, it ranges as deep into the otherness of space as it delves into the vast microcosm of ourselves. I probably will watch it once more before it goes back into library circulation, and then maybe also soon read the book.

Rather than disclose plot points, I’ll say that Aniara is equal to any space odyssey on film that I’ve seen. I just re-watched Planet of the Apes and I’d say Aniara‘s on par. The analogy also is apt because both are cautionary tales. Go check it out if you dig this genre.

The background premise of Aniara is the story of a passenger ship, traveling to Mars, until it veers off course.

With that in mind, let’s hope our brightest industrialists and scientists will help preserve what we got here, rather than get lost in weird dares.

G. H. Mosson